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An Affordable Alternative to Traditional Pet Insurance.

Formulated Pet Plan is an inexpensive and affordable alternative to Pet Insurance.  You can save
on all your veterinary needs for your special family member.  Cats, dogs, birds, or pet iguana!  You
no longer need to pay full price for veterinary services or buy expensive dog insurance, cat insurance,
bird insurance or pet health insurance of any kind.  And unlike some traditional pet health insurance
plans, our benefits cover all the pets in your household! 

Sign up today for only....

Lifetime Guaranteed no rate increase.

  •  Elective procedures included!
  •  Hereditary Diseases included! 
  •  Unlimited Usage!
  •  All Pets Included even Birds & Reptiles!
  •  No Exclusions based on Age!
  •  No Denial based on Pre Existing Problems!
  •  No complicated Forms!
  •  No Deductibles!
  •  No Benefit Caps!

Formulated Pet Plan is a low-cost alternative to veterinary pet insurance.  Simply present
your membership card to any participating veterinarian and you will receive 25% off your bill.

Check out our pet insurance comparison page and decide for yourself.


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